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The key for digital marketing success is for your business to become a full-blown media company.

We can list a million details where you need to keep your head above the water digitally. But as busy people in the marketplace - WHERE WILL YOU FIND THE TIME AND HEADSPACE??

Blogs, videos, photography, infographics, animations, ebooks, landing pages, social proof...what kind of content is best for your business? How to produce and distribute them effectively to the right audience? How to ensure consistency across the board? How about data analysis, tracking, or simply keeping up-to-date?

With our Retainer Marketing Service, our team ensures your business stays on top of the game - regular content, community management, conversion campaigns, weekly reviews, and more.

🔥 Weekly Retainer🔥
Become a Social Media Powerhouse

$550.00 per week per platform*

As SeeSharp's flagship service, we deliver the followings weekly to fast-track engagements and results on social media:

  • 1 x centrepiece content (blog or video)
  • 3-5 social media posts for traffic generation to centrepiece content
  • email marketing delivery and management
  • digital ad management**
  • community management - we guarantee to reply to EVERY SINGLE ONE of post comments and shares
  • Conversion campaign every 3 months

Minimum 6 months contract.

*$275 applied per additional social platform
**Additional ad budget applied from client, SeeSharp to recommend a suitable amount

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Monthly Retainer
Build your Social Media Powerhouse

$550.00 per month per platform*

As SeeSharp's flagship service, we deliver the followings monthly to build a sustainable momentum on social media:

  • 1 x centrepiece content (blog or video)
  • 3-5 social media posts for traffic generation to centrepiece content
  • email marketing delivery and management
  • digital ad management**
  • community management - we guarantee to reply to EVERY SINGLE ONE of post comments and shares
  • conversation campaign every 3 months

Minimum 12 months contract.

*$275 applied per additional social platform
**Additional ad budget applied from client, SeeSharp to recommend a suitable amount

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Create Engaging, Sharable, Convertible, Sellable Content

So your website looks good. You've set up a Facebook page. You are posting photos of some business actions.

Congratulations...but you do know that's only about a quarter of the equation, don't you?

Anything you do online should be a either a selling machine, or a process of building that machine. So don't get caught up in putting the sizzle ahead of the steak!

Of course, it's important to grab people's attention, it is the biggest currency of the online space. It means appeal to their emotions, encourage them to engage with you, capture their hearts and minds, and make sales.

Let us help you showcase your brand online and turn spectators into loyal customers through well-thought-out, platform-specific and professionally produced content.

We have a tried and tested process that ensures conversion is front of mind throughout each website build. But don't worry it will look great and work seamlessly, too!

🔥 Social Media Video🔥
why pay $5K+ for 1 video when you get 10 for half?

$1,800.00 per 10-15 videos

On social media, the first place people will look at a video is its length. If it's 6 minutes, forget it - regardless of the cinematography, script, picture quality etc.

The second place they look is whether or not the video is authentic and genuine. With emerging platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram Story, videos that are instant, raw and value-rich will attract attention and engagement straightaway.

This video package is to help businesses prepare videos that capture this authentic feel and raw energy to effectively community through to your audience. No BS.

Here's our we do it:

  1. Our producer and videographer to spend a full 8-hour day with your business, on the road, in the office, at client meetings, getting a coffee, anything other then toilet runs...
  2. Our producer to ask you as many questions as you will answer them, to capture the essence of your business, mission & vision and all that good that in a conversational way.
  3. Based on the footages we got on the 8 hour day, we put together 10-15 videos that are 30-45 seconds in length, giving you much needed quantity of media assets for your social media exposure and campaigns

If you are looking for reference, this is basically how Gary Vee does it. We are just helping businesses to do it in scale.

Traditionally you pay $5K+ for a script to be written, HD cameras to be hired, few days of camera-shy shooting, 2 weeks to edit, 30+ back and forth emails with the video crew, all for a video that sits on social media for 3 days before people forget or get sick of the same thing. Pay half of that to eliminate all these plus much more media assets in your arsenal!

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Blog Writing
locally, professionally, SEO optimised

$375.00 per blog

Despite the creative expressions of videos and graphic designer, words are still the most searchable element on the internet. When you produce well written, professional formatted blogs about a popular problems that people are seeking answers for about your industry, your business will be strategically positioned as an authority in both people's mind and in Google's ranking.

You can be assured that our writers are local, native English speakers and most importantly professional marketers. So we are not romantic about journalism or English grammar, but focus on content that engages.

Not to be discriminative of anything, just to offer content that works for business.

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Corporate Video
classic eye candy to present your business delicately

$3,850.00 starting

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Conversion Campaign

There's no point to create brand aware and social media engagement with no conversion and sales in mind. As an agency we do not shy away from that fact and pretend thousand of video views will double your sales magically.

The idea is to track down who has shown interest to your business and offer them opportunities to further interact and eventually convert. We do it through email campaigns, landing pages, lead magnet campaigns, retargeting and more.

With a proven methodology to funnel content viewers into buyers, let's talk ROI.

Landing Page
Conversation focused design with a single CALL TO ACTION

$1,650.00 per page

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Facebook Ad Campaign
harnessing the most effective advertising engine in history

$660.00 per campaign

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Create a Robust Marketing Framework

The quality of your company’s overall branding in the digital space is the key to your business success, so let us help you understand the best way to identify and present your brand identity digitally, to make people see and feel things to a level that you never imagined and in ways that will result in sales.

After engaging in any of our purposely-designed strategic workshops, you’ll be 100% clear on how to present it as a coherent, strong, desirable brand online that people want to do business with.

It is important to note that you will not walkaway from these workshops with a fleshy powerpoint presentation, or an "execution plan" drawn on paper that gets forgotten the next day. Instead, we roll up our sleeves during the session and implement right away. So you will already get started in scoring goals in the digital space.

Content Marketing Workshop
create a storyline for your business

$2,650.00 per session

We are in the age of Content Marketing. Relevant, clear, authentic and personable content gives businesses cut-through in today's noisy digital world. But how do you ensure your business is delivering quality content in a regular basis?

In our flagship Content Marketing Kickstarter workshop, not only we spend an entire day with you to walkthrough our purposely-designed Business Content Success Module to create a holistic storyline for your business; you will also walkaway with 10-15 blog topics and/or video headlines based on that module in order to start creating engaging content that will tackle your customers' deepest wants and needs.

We will also finish the day with a mini Facebook campaign session, where we roll up our sleeves to create with you your campaign-ready Facebook audience.

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Facebook Campaign Workshop
set up with us hands-on in the office

$880.00 per session

If you are just getting started on Facebook Advertising or looking to better leverage off the unbelievable database and possibilities available on Facebook, this workshop is designed for you!

In this 1-on-1 session with your business, our team will spend half a day with you to properly set up your Facebook account, established various Facebook audience, and show you how to A/B test and optimise, based on our Facebook strategy that has given our clients hundred, sometime thousands of leads in weeks!

In 4 hours we will help you achieve:

  • Set up Business Manager
  • Set up Facebook pixel onto your website
  • Create Facebook Audience including Avatar audience, look-a-like audience, pixel audience and more
  • Create ready-to-go image templates on Canva customised for Facebook Ads

DISCLAIMER - this workshop is not some kind of fleshy "strategic session" where you take away nothing but a powerpoint presentation. This is the time for us to roll our sleeves up and do the work with you, so you walk away Facebook-ready and confident to start your campaign!

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SeeSharp Philosophy

We're here for the long haul

At SeeSharp, our entire team thrive to do business with 3 key ingredients: Integrity, Sustainability, Longevity.

Ironically, these very qualities are seldom to be seen in today's fast-paste, automated and mostly greed-driven marketing world.

Call us crazy, naive or cliche, but we are committed to be different.

That means in every stretagy and deliverables that we push out, we want our customers to be certain that we have their best business interest in mind - whether to generate leads now to temporary fix a revenue problem, or a long term content stretagy to double their business in 24 months.

In terms of business results, we believe that sales figures is a natural result of brand leverage. So the difference really comes down to the size of the business vision, and the level of patience.

We are not fleshy business coaches or automation gurus, just a bunch of honest, deligent, hard-thinking, under-promised, over-deliverers on a mission to take on the marketing world; and happened to know a thing or two about social media and digital.

“One of the most important steps you can take in building a visionary company is not an action, but a shift in perspective.”

James C. Collins

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